How Momentswap Works

MomentSwap allows you to share assets with another without the need for a centralized service.

Transactions are initiated through smart contracts. Built the website using IPFS, stored user data on the Filecoin network, and used The Graph for data analysis, achieving complete decentralization.

Connecting Your Wallet

Begin by connecting your Web3 wallet to the MomentSwap interface. This allows you to easily interact with smart contracts on the blockchain networks.

Publishing Moments

Select the moments you want to publish, and MomentSwap will store the metadata of the asset on the Filecoin network.

Transaction Confirmation

Finally, confirm your transaction and your new digital asset will be published on the chain.

Security First

MomentSwap prioritizes security by using smart contracts, which eliminates the need for a centralized service. Your assets are always in your control.

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